Wagon Wheel Ridge L.L.C.

a vacation rental cabin in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains,
located in central north Georgia near Amicolola Falls, Ellijay, and Blue Ridge
just an hour or so north of Atlanta
What you see...is what you get

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Memories you make at Wagon Wheel Ridge will remain with you a lifetime. You will smile. You will laugh. You will simply enjoy! WWR is fun, relaxing, beautiful, serene, exciting, peaceful, private. It is close to nature, quaint, cozy, comforting. There is a warmth that is hard to put into words, that you cant see in pictures.

Visitors first feel the warmth, the naturalness as they pull through the gate, park and step out onto the river gravel of the driveway and are instantly spell bound by the view over the split-rail cedar fence. You are captivated, taken away. just cant keep yourself from appreciating the rustic country beauty. Then you find yourself sitting down in a rocking chair on the porch or maybe the leather couch inside...and here comes what you came here for...that sense of relaxation. And yes, you are smiling. As you sit there taking it all in, getting comfortable, making yorself at home, you find yourself looking closer and you notice the attention to detail, the care and the quality and simple tastefulness put into Wagon Wheel Ridge. If these are things you care about, then you've found the right place for your mountain getaway.

Do you want a getaway that sticks with you for days and maybe weeks. A vacation experience you cant help but tell your family and freinds about? This is the place. Right here. Enjoy a week or a weekend - grillin', chillin', hiking, biking, kayaking. Or just snuggle in watching your favorites - sports, movies, classic TV - or maybe some quiet time, catching up on some reading.





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