Wagon Wheel Ridge

We only allow dogs, maximum two.
Your dog(s) must be freshly washed & groomed, nail-clipped, and flea-treated.
We do not accept very large breeds or known aggressive breeds.
We do not accept puppies or dogs too old or sick to care for themsevles properly.

We have a zero tolerance - no excuses policy for any destructive behavior, such as chewing, scratching, digging, or using the bathroom in the cabin. Damaged furniture, etc. will be repaired or replaced at the renter's expense. Ragged, ripped, torn, scratched and pee'd on does not cut it here. We and our guests like it "like-new".

Renters must take full responsibility for damages, including loss of rental income (if any) caused by their dogs. Insurance does not cover dog damage, and neither do we charge enough to cover it, or other incidental damage.

We also don't want pets getting on the furniture or the beds. This is being considerate for both our getaway home and for other guests. Most people do NOT want to share a bed where your pet has been, including us! You should consider bringing a pet bed and/or cage.

People love their pets, so we say this with all delicacy...
We love what we have created here as much as you love your pet. It is like a work of art to us. If you have seen the pictures, hopefully you know it is very special. (If you dont see that, can't tell the difference, you should probably rent somewhere else!)

If your dog is prone to "accidents", it is not acceptable here. We welcome only very well-behaved and well-trained dogs, the kind of dog that will hold its bathroom for hours before soiling the house.

Some people are simply "laid back" and others make excuses for their dogs' bad behavior and lack of training. This kind of dog is absolutely NOT welcome. If there is any possibility of damage to our beautiful cabin, we would rather not rent it.

Owners should take into account their dog is in an unfamiliar place, and may do things he would not normally do. For instance, leaving a dog in the cabin alone, even for a minute while you step outside, and they could feel anxious and scratch the front door trying to get out to their master...our beautiful wooden $3000 front door that we would hate to have to ask you to pay for, or fight over in court. We would hate it, but we will.

We explain all this to prompt guests to really consider whether their dog is actually full and well-trained, and also to make sure they are prepared to never leave the dog(s) alone in the cabin. Not at any time is this acceptable. Guests should bring a cage, if necessary.

You should also be aware that vacation rentals have a tendency to attract neighboorhood dogs. These are friendly dogs and they have seen lots of guests and visiting dogs over the years. There has been no trouble, however dogs will be dogs, so we aregiving you a heads up. The neghborhood dogs are easily sent home. Best not to be friendly. Do not even say "Hi doggie". If you dont want them around, there is only one thing to every say to them - "Go Home!!!"

If you are interested in staying with us
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